Mebra Plastik, pipes for Industry

Most of our products have been designed to meet the needs of the most varied applications in the industrial sector, from automation to the passage of fluids other than compressed air.

We create pipes for the food industry

Accredited processes and certified materials for the production of hoses for contact with food.

Mebra Plastik in the Automotive sector

Accredited quality and a dedicated R&D department for the study and production of hoses for safety systems for braking systems, friction systems, fuel passage or refrigerants.


Our values



Esperienza nei nostri valo9ri di Mebra Plastik


"The right way"

For 50 years we have been producing in Mebra the "roads" that travel the most varied types of fluid for the success of our customers' projects. A passion for the processing of technical polymers that has been handed down from generation to generation and that guides us every day.

I nostri valori come flessibilità di Mebra Plastik


“Agile Leadership”

The awareness of the complexity of the new markets and the context that hosts them spurs us to study each new project according to an agile business model. In this way we meet the needs of customers with tailor-made, versatile tools, perfectly suited to their projects. Ours is a sartorial approach. We are responsive: we work with a dynamic and creative mindset.

L'affidabilità nei nostri valori di Mebra Plastik


"Bridge collapses if smaller screw can't hold"

We work with the knowledge that in modern industry a simple pipe is fundamental for the operation of multiple types of machinery. The reliability of our products becomes a mission of quality and precision.

La semplicità nei nostri valori di Mebra Plastik


"The right path is not always the most difficult road"

A research and development department strongly oriented to quality, training and sustainable innovation is ready to support you in new projects to allow you to identify in our product range "the right way" and to enjoy a careless journey.

L'umanità nei nostri valori di Mebra Plastik



Customers consider us partners for listening and attention. With them we establish a relationship, take care of the service, accompany them over time. We are available and professional — always present.

immagine dei nostri valori di Mebra Plastik



Those who rely on Mebra Plastik Italia find a solid and organized company, which responds to challenges with responsibility and passion. To improve even more we believe in dialogue between people and their availability.

Tube extrusion in our DNA

We produce pipes and profiles in high quality plastic materials for distributors, resellers and OEMs operating in various industrial, food and automotive sectors, for pneumatic applications and medium-low pressure fluid passage.


granulo plastico colorato polimeri master additivo colorante

In Mebra we are constantly looking for and using the best raw materials with an eye to the environment and the possibilities of recycling.


technology multi layer

Our machinery for the production of tubes is technologically advanced inserted in an integrated context of Industry 4.0.



Highly qualified and constantly updated staff analyzes, studies and designs new solutions with creativity and professionalism to face the new market needs.


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