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Our services

Among Mebra's main services, analysis, research and development, thanks to a state-of-the-art laboratory that has at its disposal the latest generation machinery, flanked by an equipped and dynamic production sector. The customization of products is not only about marking and packaging, but is developed on the possibility of combining materials and extrusion and cutting technologies to create the most suitable product to meet the customer's application needs.


>50 materials and grades




>20% of the total



Customization of materials and structure

While the catalogue of standard products is well stocked, an ever-changing market develops new needs that may not be fully met by existing proposals. We combine experience and technology to design with the customer the product that will allow him to stand out in his market.


mani riempite di granulo plastico bianco

At our catalogue stock of flexible materials in polyamide, polyurethane, polyethylene and fluorinated, we approach a whole series of materials and formulations that we produce at the specific request of the customer. If your needs are not covered by the properties of the exposed materials, please contact us.


granulo plastico colorato polimeri master additivo colorante

The distinction by color of pipes of the same diameter is widely used for the organization of machinery and to simplify assembly. With flagship products we already offer a wide range of stock colors (up to 19 with the PA 12 PHL MB-LONGLIFE®), but, on request we can produce practically any color the customer needs.


estrusore coestrusione macchina lavorazione materiale plastico

In our product range we provide a series of items that take advantage of the combination of different materials, in mixture or in separate layers (co-extruded), to combine the best properties of the different materials and thus offer the most effective solutions to the different needs of the market.