Food industry

Mebra food tubes are a lightweight and flexible solution for the food transfer process. To best serve the food sector, to the technical fluoropolymer tubes with very low permeability and high purity, we have combined in the range solutions in polyethylene, odorless, tasteless and with good chemical resistance, and polyurethane, resistant to hydrolysis, transparent and flexible. The smooth interior of our pipes prevents the accumulation of material and simplifies its washing. The abrasion resistance of the selected grades in polyurethane and fluoropolymer allows the success of the product transfer process ensuring longevity. All our food hoses meet American and European government and industrial health requirements.

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Mebra Plastik Italia has successfully obtained the system and product certifications necessary to assure its customers that the processes and products have been studied and executed with good manufacturing practices and in compliance with European and American health regulations. The necessary system certifications are accompanied by product certifications that attest to the quality of the raw material and the product production process.

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Design, development, production, control and service are all processes continuously updated and reviewed by the ISO 9001:2015 system certification, which we embraced again in the 90s and which accredits compliance with good manufacturing practices.

Our technopolymer pipes are born from a skilful selection of the best raw materials proposed by the market, from design, extrusion and rework technology, whose quality is subjected to stringent controls by sophisticated control equipment that constantly detects and records production data, for a more accurate analysis. 

System certifications are accompanied by product certifications that attest to the quality of the material used, the technical, mechanical and thermal characteristics and control practices, for a more complete reliability.

All our products are in accordance with the European EC Regulation 1907/2006 "REACH" and the EUROPEAN EU Directive 65/2011 "RoHS".

The other sectors

Our production has been studied and created to serve the numerous and complex applications of the industrial sector. Over time it has been perfectioned to meet the quality standards of the automotive sector and has finally expanded into a new location to cover applications of food processing.