Multitube thermo welded core yellow, blue, red, neutral, black by Mebra Plastik
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Materie Prime



Multi-tube made with polyurethane tubes of different colors to allow a simple distinction of circuits. The best solution to keep compact and the tube beam.


The heat-sealed polyurethane multitube is made with a proprietary welding process technique that secures the pipes permanently, while allowing individual pipes to be separated quickly and easily, leaving no residue. Standard products consist of tubes with different colors and shapes defined as follows, but custom solutions allow you to choose colors in any combination, mix different diameters, and combine them in almost any configuration.

Grafico caratteristiche
Flexibility 8.7
Lightness 5
Chemical resistance 3
Low temperature resistance 8.7
High temperature resistance 4
Hardness 6
Dimensional stability 10
Abrasion resistance 9
On demand
Su richiesta
  • Tubes and pipes of different diameters;
  • Tubes and pipes of a different colour;
  • Tubes and pipes of other polyurethane products;
  • Incurable and heat-sealed electrical cables;
  • Different configurations of pipe arrangement;
  • Multi-tube spirals.