Tubes for industry

Over half a century ago, Mebra was born with the aim of serving the industrial sector through the production of technical pipes in support of the development of the market and its needs. In 50 years of experience we have gradually added several families of technopolymers to our product range, thus providing solutions for almost all medium pressure fluid transfer applications.

A strongly customer-centric vision stimulates us to continuously refine the processes, materials and service to be more and more a point of reference for those who have to entrust the good functioning of their machinery, products or systems, to the efficiency and safety of a component that, apparently trivial, can make the difference between quality and non-quality.

The wide range of linear, spiral and multi-tube thermoplastic tubes we offer to this market is among the most complete in the industry and our constant commitment is to maintain sufficient spare parts levels to never lose the product to our customers.

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Applications for industry

With a wide range of industrial products ranging from polyamamyds, polyurethanes, fluoropolymers, polyethylene and PVC, external diameters from 1 mm to 110 mm, pressures from 3 to 130 bar, temperatures from -60°C to +260°C, single tubes, multi-tube, multilayer, reinforced and spiralized we try to respond to the increasingly demanding problems expressed by industrial automation. The world of polymers is extremely fascinating and their combination with technology can really find a solution for any application, especially in an industry like industry. The world of polymers is extremely fascinating and their combination with technology can really find a solution for any application. With our industrial pipes we already cover from the most standard applications for the passage of compressed air, to the passage of different types of fluids, chemical agents, gases, petroleum derivatives, from spraying and greasing, to the carrier systems for expansion trees.


Design, development, production, control and assistance are all processes continuously updated and reviewed by the ISO 9001:2015 system certification, which we embraced again in the 90s and which accredits compliance with good production practices.

Our technopolymer tubes are born from a skilful sorting of the best raw materials proposed by the market, from design, extrusion and rework technology, whose quality is subjected to strict controls by sophisticated control equipment that constantly detects and records production data, for a more accurate analysis.

System certifications are accompanied by product certifications that attest to the quality of the material used, the technical, mechanical and thermal characteristics and control practices, for a more complete reliability.

All our products comply with European EC Regulation 1907/2006 "REACH" and EU Directive 65/2011 "RoHS".

The other sectors

Our production has been studied and created to serve the numerous and complex applications of the industrial sector. Over time it has been perfectioned to meet the quality standards of the automotive sector and has finally expanded into a new location to cover applications of food processing.