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PA 12


Polyamide 12 is a polymer from an extremely versatile petrochemical origin, with features that can vary from rigid, with Elastic Moduli of around 1400MPa, to super flexible with Elastic Moduli of around 250MPa. In addition, its affinity with olefinic rubbers allows it to have optimal resistance to low temperatures. The high ratio between -CH2- groups and -CONH- groups lends this polyamide the property of low water absorption and the resulting dimensional stability. Polyamide 12 proves to be the lightest among the polyamides, fostering inexpensive solutions and its use in the transportation sector. Its optimal chemical resistance as well as its resistance to atmospheric conditions make it a good candidate for most applications. The innumerable kinds of polyamide 12 in commerce allow various applications from industry to the extrusion of prophylactics, thermoforming, injection molding, etc.

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Polyamide 12 or Poly(dodecano-12-lactam)


Semi-crystalline Polymer


Polymer derived from the ring opening polycondensation of laurolactam or ω-aminolauric acid/dodecanoic acid




  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resistance to atmospheric conditions
  • Resistance to hydrolysis
  • Resistance to UV rays
  • Adjustable mechanical properties according to the applications
  • Low coefficients of friction and wear
  • Optimal barrier characteristics
  • Optimal colorability
  • Optimal cold impact resistance
The heart of our production is extrusion and with this process we generate wounded linear tubes or straight cut pieces of tube. With further processing, we produce other types of products and we finally combine accessories and other items to complete the range.

Single, flexible, non-thermoformed tube, wrapped in coils of various lengths.


  • small footprint;
  • long distances seamless.


  • elastic memory of the winding;
  • tolerance on the cut of +/- 2% of the length.

Various single flexible tubes, joined in a single bundle, thermoformed or protected by sheath.


  • pipes joined without the need for accessories;
  • in the case of sheathed pipes, extra protection against abrasion, atmospheric events, chemical agents, etc.

Single extruded tube or spiral thermoformed multi-tube.


  • compact dimensions;
  • elastic memory of return of the tube to the original compact position;
  • if purchased already connected, quick installation.

Single tube, flexible or rigid, not thermoformed, cut and packed in straight bars.


  • no elastic memory (straight bar);
  • reduced tolerances on the cut.


  • if the bar is longer than 1.2 m, non-standard dimensions with an increase in transport costs.

Single or multi-tube sheathed tube for better impact resistance and insulation.

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