Linear rigid fluoropolymer PFA hose trasparent by Mebra Plastik
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Flexible linear hose in PFA. It is the thermoplastic material that is closest to the performance of PTFE, with the advantage of being calibrated to reduced tolerances and being able to be produced in stems of the desired length.


Flexible perfluoroalcox tube (PFA) intrinsically resistant to light, heat, aging and self-extinguishing UL94 V0. It is the thermoplastic tube suitable for the most demanding applications, where chemical resistance is combined with temperatures ranging from -60 to 260°C.  It can be installed with any type of connection, is chemically inert to most chemicals and industrial solvents and boasts the lowest permeability among the fluoropolymers of our production. Its transparency makes it ideal for those applications where fluid flow needs to be monitored.

Grafico caratteristiche
Flexibility 7
Lightness 3.2
Chemical resistance 10
Low temperature resistance 10
High temperature resistance 10
Hardness 6.5
Dimensional stability 10